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Inspiration: Pivot Points in Life

When I think back on moments where my life pivoted, it usually involved 1) some sort of realization that I desired something new (inspiration) and 2) my own willingness to acknowledge and invest in that inspiration. It’s not always easy to identify those moments, but I can usually trace backwards and realize the moment when the inspiration struck based on the trail of activity I left in venturing toward it.

One of those trails leads to Lisa Sonora Beam. I had started art journaling years ago but really didn’t know it was “a thing.” I was pretty isolated about it and never thought to look outside my own practice to realize others were doing it and helping each other do it. When I saw Lisa’s 30 day art journaling event, things sparked all over and of course I took it! It left a 30 day trail that continues to inspire me into my artistry!

Quote: We must go past the threshold of fear in order to have what we really want. by Lisa Sonora

Since my 30 day art journaling experience with her, I’ve also made my way through her “Creative Entrepreneur” book. I share her message and message on the personal fulfillment art making brings to us all. Check her out: Creative + Practice. Maybe you’ll have your own life pivot.  🙂

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