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Who Does She Think She Is?

Did you know that Amanda and I were originally going to have a third section to our book that was all about getting your art out in the world? It seemed like the natural progression of things in our book:

  • Section One: take care of your self-agency,
  • Section Two: make art with someone else, and
  • Section Three (which wasn’t put in the book): share your art publicly (and why not make money too).

The scope of the book got too big to include the third section and we’re still investigating logistics of how to make it work with ease and according to a philosophy of abundance that doesn’t hing itself entirely on monetary economics.

In the meantime, we’re full-on living the idea of sharing our art as an extension of the values and mindset we lay out in our book. The art collaboration we walk people through in the book is called “Personal Gallery.” It’s a specific way of practicing art with another person (we’ll likely be developing more). “Personal Gallery” helps artists create a series of meaningful art pieces together that can be arranged in a collection, either for personal enjoyment in your living environment or publicly, as an art exhibit.


Sharing your art within your living environment is powerful and celebratory. You need to hang your pieces just as you would hang your child’s art. It reinforces your creative power and potential every time you see it.

Sharing your art in a public setting is also extremely powerful. But it puts your artist mindset and everything in section one of our book to the test and can be summed up into one question:

Who does she think she is?

That’s what I’m going through right now. Amanda and I are preparing for an art exhibit of our collaborative work. It’ll be at a local (to me) yoga studio next Friday evening (Oct. 23rd). I’m mounting over 50 pieces of original art and people have been invited. Let me say that again: people have been invited!


Who do we think we are, having an art exhibit? Our art will be right out there, out in the open, and people have been invited to explicitly LOOK at our art. Duh, of course, this is what happens at an exhibit. But put yourself in the place of the exhibitor and see how that feels. This is where the values and mindsets of section one come back into play full force and I have the opportunity to practice them away from my sketchbook.

When I look at the art Amanda and I have made together, I feel joy, love, meaningfulness, peace, growth, and adventure. Will others see this too? Will they value not only the physical byproduct of our collaboration but the principles we practiced together in order to make the art? Will people be able to see the invisible pieces of our art making? Or will they say: Who do they think they are?

We are very blessed to exhibit our art at the Dragonfly Wellness Yoga Studio. It’s a laid back setting where they believe in much the same things we write about in our book. Life is not a competition, yoga is not merely a series of poses, be who you are, breathe deeply, live intentionally, and so on. If you get yoga you get Artist rEvolution and art collaboration.

I’m very excited about next Friday! If you can stop by, please do! You’re invited!   


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