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The Artful Lunchnote

I have been making lunchnotes for my son since he started kindergarten in 2011. I felt it was a way to let him know that my husband and I were thinking about him even if we weren’t around him; a way to encourage him and let him know we care very much about him.

The sentiment for my son has never changed, however, I was surprised to see what it did for me. It required a discipline that was hard at times, but not something I ever felt like breaking. My daily art practice was really born out of making these lunchnotes and I’m incredibly grateful for that essential practice.

I spend my first 30 minutes of the day eating my oatmeal and drinking my tea at my art table making a lunchnote. Starting my day this way is much better than checking social media, reviewing or making a ‘to do’ list or ramming right into the needs of the day. I get to ease into my day creatively. Not just occasionally – every day!

I have come to realize that having a daily practice for my creativity is incredibly significant. The same way I exercise regularly to be healthy and vital, I practice art regularly and consistently to flex my creativity attitude and disposition. I’m no fine artist and I’m not aiming to have my art hanging in galleries. But my goals as an everyday artist are substantial: I aim to express myself creatively, prolifically and in an ever-evolving way. Anyone who does that is an artist.

I made a video for you, my fellow everyday artist, in case you’re interested in using some of what I’m doing to express yourself creatively and share it with one of your loved ones. Enjoy! Let me know how it goes!

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