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Workshop: Stoke Your Creative Fire!


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This creativity and art journaling online workshop is designed for the temporarily distracted person who has prioritized other things over their own creativity but is now looking for a gentle, creativity-oriented boost to reignite their creative swagger.

This online workshop is three weeks long. The core practice is art journaling, augmented with creative tasks. You receive an email a day each weekday with your creative assignment and instructions enclosed with additional reflections to help inspire, contemplate and provoke.

You will receive a workbook that compiles all of the workshop materials into one place that you can refer to and use long after the workshop. At the end of the workshop you can enter a simple contest to win an “I’ve got Creative Mojo” tribute specially created for you.


What this workshop is:

This is a creative self-expression class that uses introspective exercises and art journaling to uncover inner awareness that you can live outwardly.

What you get:
  • e-mails delivered daily Monday – Friday for 3 weeks,
  • prompts to jumpstart your reflection and introspection,
  • designed to help you develop a daily creative ritual for yourself,
  • videos demonstrating techniques for creating pages, and
  • the opportunity to participate in a contest to win a Creative Mojo Tribute made just for you.
This is for you if:
  • you’re a creative wanting to open another channel of personal creative expression (whether you’ve done visual journaling before or not),
  • you’ve done visual journaling before and want to join others doing it,
  • you are desiring personal empowerment through creative expression,
  • you’ve done The Artist Way and want to look at this as a 3-week artist date with yourself,
  • you like working and thinking visually or think you might,
  • you want to explore artistry without having to have a whole lot of formal training,
  • you need a break from intellectualizing things,
  • you enjoy personal investigation and growth-oriented action,
  • you’re bored with your creative ritual/practice and want to have a little fun. 🙂
This is not for you if:
  • you’re an early teen or child, the prompts are geared toward mature introspection and action,
  • you can’t make time for 30 minutes a day to participate (sometimes much less, but sometimes more),
  • smearing paint gives you the heebie jeebies, or
  • reflecting about yourself is too painful.

“Stoke Your Creative Fire” has given me everything I need to explore the art of art journaling, and to use that not only to jump-start my own creative process, but also to jump-start my soul into a higher level of being. Tracee Vetting Wolf is a delight to work with, and I am whole-heartedly thankful that I had the opportunity to share in this creative-spiritual journey. Not to mention fingerpainting is just so darn fun!
Alice W. Hutmacher, Creative Writer
Alice W. Hutmacher
I decided to do the “Stoke Your Creative Fire” workshop because I’m an artsy-craftsy type, and art journaling felt like a fun new way to explore and express myself. And I got far more fun than I bargained for! Tracee Vetting Wolf has done an excellent job designing a course intended to spark creativity from the heart. I’m so glad I got to participate in this workshop, and would happily recommend it to friends.”
Lisa Stiefel, English With Lisa
Lisa Stiefel
This was a great class I took. I was feeling stuck–needing a jumpstart with my writing and it really helped me. The exercises are mostly in an art journal (and I’m not an artist) but I it opened up the creative channels for me again.
Dorian Burden
Dorian Burden
I spent most of my life working as an executive, manager or researcher in “Corporate America.” While creativity was sometimes rewarded in that career, my moments of greatest enjoyment and flow have more consistently come from creative writing, art, acting and being a psychotherapist. Time now to put that center stage. Tracee Vetting Wolf is one of the most creative and talented people I’ve ever met. She encourages and inspires creativity in others. Ergo: Time to Stoke My Creative Fire!
John C. Thomas, Writer, Lecturer, Workshop Leader
John C. Thomas




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