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little LOVE: wondrous animals
little LOVE: front of "wondrous animals"little LOVE: front of "wondrous animals"little LOVE: wondrous animals card 1little LOVE: wondrous animals card 2little LOVE: wondrous animals card 3little LOVE: wondrous animals card 4little LOVE: wondrous animals card 5little LOVE: wondrous animals card 6little LOVE backlittle LOVE back

little LOVE: wondrous animals


little  LOVE

Let this pack of six artful lovenotes help you create special moments with your loved ones!

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Product Description

Little moments of thoughtfulness can create big moments of love. I have been making artful lunch notes for my son for over five years: art on the front and a message on the back. Each day, I’m sending him my love in little morsels. He has brought home and cherished every single one.

This simple little practice of saying how you feel, sending encouragement, or telling someone you believe in them is very powerful even in its small package. These tiny artful love notes are just right to tuck into a lunchbox, tape to the bathroom mirror or steering wheel, or prop up on a loved one’s computer keyboard.

Make those little moments special with a little  LOVE.

The theme of this pack of lovenotes is ‘animals.’ Each 2″ x 3.5″ card is professionally printed on both sides. It comes in a pack of six different original designs made by me. Cards are printed on eco-friendly recycled paper and are uncoated. Horizontally oriented designs have a landscape style (horizontal layout) on the back for the message; vertically oriented designs have a portrait style (vertical layout) on the back.


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