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Let’s Make Your Upcycled Art Journal


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I do art journaling and enjoy upcycling books to use as art journals. In this 1 hour Google Hangout I will show you how to make your own art journal from a used book!

This event has finished. If I hear from enough people I will do another: drop me a line!!

Date: April 16, 2015

Time: 2-3 pm EST

Supply list

This is optional, only if you want to start making yours during the session.

  1. gesso (white)
  2. old credit card or keycard
  3. sandpaper (medium tooth) if your book has a shiny cover
  4. freezer paper, wax paper or paper you’re going to throw away anyway (larger than the size of the sheets in your book)
  5. hair dryer (optional but recommended)
  6. exacto knife and metal edged ruler (if you have a thick book)
  7. wide paint brush (i.e. 1″)
  8. a used book!

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Tips on picking a used book

What to look for:

  • hard or soft covered, whatever suits you,
  • know what size you like working in: I recommend something near 8×10″ or a children’s picture books somewhere in the range of 10×13″
  • bonus if you find a book with interesting content that will provide compelling backgrounds to your art
  • check your local recycling center and grab a few free books!!

What to avoid:

  • books with tissue-thin or damaged pages
  • books that are more than 200 pages
  • books whose binding is falling apart or very loose
  • books with mildew damage

If you want to know more about what art journaling is – check this out: http://www.traceevettingwolf.com/what-is-art-journaling/




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