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What makes one artist’s journey fruitful, satisfying, and transformative while another artist is riddled with self-doubt or is blocked creatively? The difference is self-awareness; self-awareness that includes the ability to lead from your own creative heart, to take responsibility for yourself in ways that allow you to stretch while remaining centered, and to commit to trusting your artistic process. Inspire yourself with Artist rEvolution!

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Product Description

Artist rEvolution is a bold, beautiful, inspiring guide for mixed media artists of all levels who are seeking meaningful artistic growth. This PDF downloadable provides insightful guidance into the principles of Inward Facing Collaboration so you can embark on your own art making adventure.

• Provides easy-to-understand foundational elements of Inward Facing Collaboration including the importance of mindset, beliefs and 9 core values.
• Featured exercises encourage the use of mixed media, including ephemera, acrylic paints, pastels, stencils, stamps, etc.
• Includes a reflective art making journal packed with fun tools to help you become more self-aware and intentional when creating.
• Outlines the basic components of the Inward Facing Collaborative framework so you can achieve a collaborative experience suited to your personal growth and enjoyment plus suggestions on how to find fellow collaborators.
• Artistically designed, this book comes loaded with delightful artwork that illustrates the different phases of an Inward Facing Collaboration exercise called Personal Gallery, including nuts and bolts of how you can customize this exercise with someone at a distance in ways that inspire you.

There are not enough words to express how thankful I am for the blessings of this book!
Jennifer Beck, Artist & Illustrator
Jennifer Beck