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Old Book, New Story

Someone once asked me what kind of art journal I use because they were having a hard time finding the perfect mixed media journal. I see little debates about this, too: getting a journal with thick enough paper, with adequate texture, etc etc. Maybe these things should matter to me more than they do. Fact is, I don’t give them a whole lot of thought.

I have a stack of books that I pulled out of a recycling bin and I just upcycle them for my art journals. I’ve learned a few things about what works and what doesn’t and I was looking for some company when I was ready to make another. So I invited some friends to join me. If you’re interested in making your own art journal out of a book, perhaps this can inspire and help you, too!

Using an old book for an art journal may not seem practical for folks who have high standards about sketchbooks. But I love it for so many reasons:

  • No more ‘blank page’: the book content offers a background for your art and your subconscious thinking. Marks are already made!
  • Upcycling is the way to go: as much as recycling is good for our earth, upcycling is even better. It’s repurposing something without the effort or money involved in breaking it down into a reusable material; you just use it.
  • Every upcycled art journal is totally unique: you’re not going to find another just like yours. And it’s infused with personality from day one, unlike a blank journal.

What do you like about using a book for an art journal?


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