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How it all went down last Friday

Last Friday was my art exhibit with Amanda Judd at the Dragonfly Wellness Yoga Studio here in Ossining, NY. We collected over 50 (actually closer to 70, I think) pieces of original art that we did in our art collaborations throughout the year and installed them at a local business in a quest to live what we wrote about.

It was an exciting week of preparation and collaboration! The unfortunate piece of this whole story is that Amanda threw out her back and was unable to drive the 3 hours to join me, it just wasn’t going to happen this time around. We were both extremely disappointed, it was going to be our very first time meeting each other face to face (after 10 months of video conferencing at least once a week, it really does feel like we’ve met in person!). Her instructions to me: take lots of pictures!! So I did.

Here is an account of what happened as told through social media and emails.

Since we weren’t going to be able to sign each piece together, we had to find another way to have all of the artwork personalized. A signature stamp! Quick make one:

FACEBOOK | DAY BEFORE THE EXHIBIT | 4:23PM | I usually write when I’m at Max’s swim practice. Today is a new one for me, I need to carve a signature stamp. I’m gonna enjoy the next hour!!
INSTAGRAM  |  DAY OF THE EXHIBIT  |  7:17AM  | No lunch note today*; Max has a half day and has lunch at home. This morning I’m using the time to prepare for the art exhibit tonight. Each piece is stamped with a signature stamp. ‪#‎artcollabrocks‬ ‪#‎artfulmother‬ ‪#‎makeitwork‬ ‪#‎artexhibition‬ ‪#‎creatives‬‪#‎creativity‬ @pinklovestudio what an exciting day!!

* I usually make art for my son every day and write a message on the back for his lunch, and then I post it to Instagram. Every day. But this day was an exception because there was no school and I was busy preparing!

EMAIL TO AMANDA| DAY OF THE EXHIBIT | 9:35AM | I’ve arranged and rearranged … time to get it up on the wall!
EMAIL TO AMANDA | DAY OF EXHIBIT | 10:50AM | First set up! The yoga class was coming in as I was finishing up and we had a great discussion about the art! They were so astute, noting the overlap of influences and thinking about what stories the wanted to construct. Wish you were there to her it! It was so sweet! Plus one lady told me to it a sold sticker on one of them cuz she really wanted it. I did and she kept talking to her friend about which other two she would want to go with it!!

Once the first set is up, some yoga students arrive for class and I have to get out! So, off to get some food.

EMAIL TO AMANDA| DAY OF THE EXHIBIT | 11:20AM | When it all comes out of the packaging it won’t look like very much … enough? I have to check my cup and napkin supply… Miss you!!!
EMAIL TO AMANDA| DAY OF THE EXHIBIT | 1: 30PM | Second set ready to go on the wall … this is looking really nice! One popped off while I was getting Max/Zoey and having lunch. A little nervous about that. Don’t have my computer here, lots to lug and I don’t know about the connection. OK onward!! Xoxo
EMAIL TO AMANDA| DAY OF EXHIBIT | 1:56PM | We have been installed… I mean the portraits of us. I still have a set to do! Guess what, I ran out of command strips! Ha!! Regardless, the process is pretty smooth. I’m going to lay the home set out on the floor and then make a run for more strips, more cider and napkins! Oh yeah, look at the photo, do you like that I gave myself boobs*? Lol 😉

* Admittedly strange humor: do you see the piece of art below my self portrait (the one on the right)? Doesn’t it look like two boobs and a tummy? Every time I look at this, I think it’s about fertility. When juxtaposed with my head, it looks like I have boobs. Yes, I’m weird!

EMAIL TO AMANDA| DAY OF EXHIBIT | 3:24PM | Getting there! I actually hung some of the home series … only six left to add to it. Off to get the rest of the stuff we need!! As I hang them I feel like were either brilliant or very lucky! Perhaps we’re brilliant enough to make our own luck!! Xoxo

Some of the other images I sent in that same email:

IMG_20151023_141801  IMG_20151023_141749   IMG_20151023_140248

IMG_20151023_141659   IMG_20151023_141639

EMAIL TO AMANDA| DAY OF EXHIBIT | 4:41 PM | All of the art is up (although one of them, a big one, wants to keep coming down). I’m going to find the biggest Command Strip available at Walgreen’s before heading back there for the real deal). I just finished “signing” all of the books! The stamp was a great idea, looks so great on the backs of all the art and in the books!! Sending you lots of love xoxoxo!!

And from that moment on, I had dinner with my family and headed over to the exhibit! It was a fantastic evening with friends and interested people dropping by starting at 7pm and helping me pack up at 9pm. I enjoyed all of the conversations and was invigorated by how into it everyone was (not just me! yay!). People enjoyed looking at art in a yoga studio, the vibe was calm yet alert. By the time I got home, I sent one final email that basically said “It was fantastic! I’m going to bed, let’s talk tomorrow!” And in the morning, the goodwill of the experience made me feel like I woke to Christmas morning. 


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