Making art is life changing stuff!

In our book Artist rEvolution: A Five Week Odyssey into Inward Facing Collaboration, Self-Awareness & Discovery, we examine the authentic personal qualities in a daily art making practice and explore how to carry them over into an art collaboration.

Artist rEvolution will show you:

  • how to enhance your artistic thriving through your flexible focus on YOU.
  • that collaboration is a personal journey, done with a companion.
  • how to find YOUR way, rather than follow someone else’s map; this guidebook provides solo and collaborative exercises to help you witness and practice your artistic thriving.
There are not enough words to express how thankful I am for the blessings of this book!
Jennifer Beck, Artist & Illustrator
Jennifer Beck

Some of us love to expand and to attain new levels in our art making and, frankly, in our lives.

This can be challenging as often art making is a solo endeavor. But we’ve developed an artistic process called Inward Facing Collaboration in order to bring the power of relationship to art making so we can amplify our awareness as we create. Any artist who has brought self-awareness to their art making with the intention of becoming a better person knows that art making is ripe for developing self acceptance + forgiveness; pushing our comfort zone in order to grow, expressing what is uniquely ours. We also know that making art can be a solitary experience that lacks feedback.



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We wanted to push the boundaries.  

What would it be like to create art with someone you don’t really know? How could that work?

You two are on to something that will be very beneficial to artists. In my work, as a writer and visual arts programmer, I continually encounter artists who could benefit from what you propose. I think it can be helpful to me too, as a writer.
Sarah Bracey White

We developed Inward Facing Collaboration and wrote this guidebook. In it you will learn:

  • the importance of your mindset and values + how to cultivate them.
  • how to enhance your art making through your flexible focus on YOU while working alone and collaboratively.
  • that collaboration can be a personal journey, done with a companion.
  • how to find YOUR way, rather than follow someone else’s map; this guidebook provides solo and collaborative exercises to help you witness and practice your artistic thriving.
  • how to gain quiet confidence in your creative ability and staying power in your art practice.
Your creativity matters, to your well-being, to your world, and to our collective future. This book offers meaningful inroads for readers to form supportive collaborations. We so often feel alone or abandoned to our worst habits once we leave an inspiring class or workshop. The tools offered here circumvent inertia, carving a direct path to a resource full creative life.
Suzi Banks Baum, Writer, Maker, Mom
Suzi Banks Baum

This Book Is For …



Artists who are dedicated to their expressiveness will find new ways to enhance their own artistry. They will develop a stronger personal voice and find resiliency with creative blocks.


This is for Creatives 


Creatives who explore, question and discover will be empowered to find ways to make meaning that is steadfast and unique from anyone else. They will find depth and artistic enthusiasm.



Artistic seekers who have an art practice strongly motivated by an internal compass will find greater meaning of life. They will find new artistic capability and fluidity in expressing the meaning they find in their lives. 

About the Authors



Amanda Judd

Amanda is an artist living in Amherst, MA. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts and a Masters in Learning, Media and Technology. Her art practice consists of combining meditation, play and journey. It’s a process that teaches her about trust and acceptance; an iterative feedback loop that fascinates. It leads her on a journey into awareness + creation. She works from here, eagerly.



Tracee Vetting Wolf

Tracee is an artist living in Rochester, MN. She holds a bachelors degree in Applied Design and Visual Communication and a Masters in Architecture. Her art practice consists of a morning ritual of breakfast at her art table, making art + message to put in her son’s lunch box every day. Her art journal is her creativity playground and compassionate therapist. Any other art is usually due to some thrilling fear or unexplainable obsession that wants attention; she will indulge. 

Together, Amanda and Tracee invented Inward Facing Collaboration and have practiced it multiple times together. They share a fundamental philosophy about their art, which is that their art is for learning, exploring, finding meaning and making that meaning evident. They believe in their own human malleability and the power of art to practice a creative life. They live Inward Facing Collaboration in their art and in their lives. Their motto: “It’s all good.”



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