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Art is so Practical: Learning, Self-agency & Reclaiming Creativity

thisIsYouIsn’t it weird how sometimes you find yourself doing things you think you’re not particularly suited for but then know you’ve got to do it? My dear friend, Lisa Stiefel (a wonderful ESL teacher), asked me to do a guest blog post on reflective learning and journaling. My first thought was – ‘Oh no, not more writing!!’* and my second thought was ‘Yes! Of course! Challenging, essential and something you stand for, you’ll figure it out, Tracee!’ Ha! Great!

I believe very strongly in the power of art making (not with kind with a capital A; the everyday kind), and the very practical things art making affords us: learning, self-agency, and reclaiming creativity. In this guest blog post I consider how we might create a recognizable and practical bridge between making and learning, in hopes that we can normalize qualitative learning activities and balance the rational-based learning embodied in today’s public school systems.

Both Lisa and I would like to hear any thoughts you have about this series and the topic in general. Enjoy the read!


*I’m in the process of writing a chapter for a book called “Demanufacturing Education” that will be published next year. I’m also co-authoring a book with an artist friend, Amanda Judd (working title: “Art Collaboration: A Guide to Inward Facing Collaboration”). For someone who doesn’t fancy herself as a writer (yet?), I sure jumped in the deep end! 🙂

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