TraceeWolfI foster artistic inquiry. I bring people along the journey of self-reflection through various creative processes including art journaling.

The anagram of my name is ‘Create Flow’ and it really speaks to my innate sense of purpose. I’m a designer, maker, mom and artist. Creating things has always been what I do. I like designing and making things. But there has always been something really evocative for me about process. And not just the process of making a thing, but the process of being. And the process of knowing. I have worked as a graphic designer, newsroom artist, architect, and user experience designer. I have done design at IBM Research (with a list of patents, publications and products to show for it). I have conducted design workshops, lectured at Universities and atelier leader and lecturer for a repeating design camp in Europe. All of these things exemplified my ‘create flow’ journey, but there’s always been something deeper for me. When I graduated from architecture school and entered IBM Research, I shifted from a culture steeped in design attitude to one strongly logic-driven. There was a huge sticking point about that for many there: research is about contributing knowledge; you decorate, why are you here? I was stunned and struggled to illustrate and explain to others what I could feel in my bones: design is a vehicle for knowledge. Inherent in it are all of the qualities that bring you to new places: curiosity, experimentation, purposeful investigation, following intuition, adaptive learning, creating artifacts that in turn inform and suggest what ought to be done next. Design was, at least to me, the most powerful knowledge-building tool a person could have! The problem was, it defied logic, the accepted and preferred model of knowledge of our times. Now, years later, I’m still reveling in knowledge-building practices and fostering creativity. Methodologies make me suspicious; I love using compasses instead of maps. I’m a very logical and practical person, which helped me thrive in the IT industry. I could formulate patents and create essential software. But what I loved loved loved loved most was the adventure of ‘figuring things out.’ I still do. To me, everyday art and creative practices help me engage in this inquiry about my personal potential and of the world around me. I’m excited about what our lives can be like if we give more attention to our creative processes, reflected on our own true north and used more compasses instead of maps. We could figure so many things out!! And along the way enjoy beauty, truth, love and freedom. I want to make art with people who are looking for more. Wanna come join me? Let’s journey together!